Suzanne Enoch~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Rogue With a Brogue
Suzanne Enoch
St. Martin’s
Mass Market
978 1250041616

     Suzanne Enoch’s thrilling tale is about forbidden love between two people from warring Scottish Highland clans who meet in the civilized ballrooms of Regency Era London.
     Despite the fact that Lady Mary Campbell is all but engaged, she is intrigued by a tall, rugged Scottish dance partner. To her surprise, he’s Arran MacLawry, the second son of her family's most hated enemies. When he pursues her, she knows the wisest option is to run away, but his vibrant, masculine appeal proves irresistible. They steal moments together until their families announce betrothals to strengthen their respective families. But they know their futures lie together, even if their families believe different.
     Rogue with a Brogue begins as a pleasant read with wonderful chemistry between its leads. It becomes unputdownable as this star-crossed couple faces mortal dangers to fight for a chance to be together. A shared Highland heritage adds appeal to this novel, along with a genuine accord and powerful sexual and romantic chemistry between Arran and Mary. Their untenable situation with families who don’t want them together makes for fierce drama. The reader will root for these likable leads to overcome every obstacle for their happy ending in this recommended historical romance.
Danielle Hill

After the Kiss
Suzanne Enoch
Avon Mass Market

     They meet as he's robbing her house. He steals a kiss from Lady Isabel Chalsey before leaving-- and Isabel is left furious, but also curious. She loves a good mystery, and the Mayfair Marauder's identity is certainly a mystery. By something of a coincidence, she discovers his identity the very next day. He runs a well-respected stable, and her brothers are mad for his horses and his abilityto train them. So Isabel hits upon a scheme to keep her mystery man, Sullivan Waring, close.
     Sullivan doesn't want to train a horse for Isabel to ride, but she claims that if he doesn't, she'll have him arrested. He's not sure he believes her threats, but he cannot take the risk of ignoring them. And he is strangely drawn to this rather spoiled society beauty. For although he is a completely unsuitable match-- he's the unacknowledged, illegitimate son of a peer, and therefore beyond the pale-- he just can't leave her alone, no matter that any impropriety would mean social disaster for her.
     Suzanne Enoch's latest historical launches a new series, The Notorious Gentlemen. This first tale is a pleasure to read, with an immature heroine who, by book's end, has grown into a woman, and a hero that many women would love to have crawl through their windows.
Heather Nordahl Files

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