Vanessa Kelly~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom

Vanessa Kelly

Zebra Books

Mass Market




            Vanessa Kelly continues her “Renegade Royals” series with Griffin Steele, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Cumberland (the Prince Regent’s brother). Griffin’s ready to divest himself of his business holdings and leave England for good, when a baby ends up on his doorstep. His mentor, Sir Dominic, recruits prim, but luscious, spinster Justine Brightmore to take care of the baby. Justine wants a settled life, after years of keeping house for her spy father.  However, she can’t say no to a baby in need, and Griffin’s allure breaks past her careful shields.  When a compromising situation leads to marriage, Griffin and Justine realize that while they had different plans, a mutual passion binds them together as true husband and wife.

            Lovers of Regency romance with a roguish hero and a proper spinster will find this book irresistible. Griffin has a dangerous edge, but underneath, he is a honorable and loving man. His pursuit of Justine is thrilling. Justine is sweet and kind, but she stands up for herself, a great foil to Griffin. They strike sparks off each other with their wonderful chemistry. With just enough mystery to round out this sensual love story, this book is recommended to fans of the genre.

Danielle Hill


His Mistletoe Bride
Vanessa Kelly
Zebra Mass Market

 Major Lucas Stanton was ill prepared to inherit an earldom from a distant distance.  He is even more unprepared to deal with the granddaughter of that uncle who has just arrived from America.  Little does she know that upon his deathbed, her grandfather exacted a promise from Lucas to watch out for and asking him to marry her.  Lucas doesn't know what to do with the situation.  He can't marry a girl he doesn't even know, let alone one raised as a Puritan in America, for heaven's sake!  Upon hearing that her grandfather is gone, all Phoebe's hopes and dreams die along with him.  She has suffered a grueling transatlantic voyage, leaving behind a strict but unfulfilling life.  Where does she go from here? Can she trust the man offering her a home with the family she has never known?

What an enchanting holiday tale!  Ms. Kelly takes a strict English military man whose enjoying all the new pleasures of an earl with a proper but sweetly innocent Puritan!   The sparks are palpable and the strife inevitable.  The journey, however, is a delectable treat and the reward, a jolly good Christmas treat!

TJ Mackay

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