Kate McKeever ~ 4 and 5 Star Reviews

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      Caden's Fate

Kate McKeever

Crest Moon Press

Trade Paperback




Fate Halligan is with her friend when her life is threatened and her friend was killed. Fate is gifted, a Death Maiden who helps souls cross over. A gentleman intervened to help the women but wasn’t quick enough to save both women. 

As a Soldier of Light, it is Caden Greene's job to fight the Obsidian Guard, an evil sect that steals dying souls. He feels guilty for not being able to save Fate's friend. The attraction he feels toward the Death Maiden is not acceptable among his kind. However, he has no desire to fight the attraction.

Fate and Caden join forces to fight against the Obsidian Guards who are out to get Fate and stop her from helping souls who need to cross.

A love story that is sure to please, Caden's Fate by Kate McKeever takes readers on a journey filled with paranormal suspense.

Kitty Lane