Michelle Diener~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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In A Treacherous Court
Michelle Diener
GalleryTrade Paperback

      John Parker is not a man to be trifled with. Having risen from the streets to become one of the King Henry VIII ‘s most loyal advisors, John knows the dangers and intrigues rife among the courts of England. The opinions and and favor of others mean little to him in exercising his role of keeping the King safe.  That is until his duty falls upon the beautiful, young painter commissioned to work for the King but inadvertently caught in a web of deceit even he is astonished at.  Keeping her safe as he uncovers the treacherous plot that threatens England seems a small task compared to the fight within himself over losing his heart to one who will change his life forever.
     This is an absolutely heart-stopping, suspense filled love story! The mystery aspects are every bit as well written and nail biting as is the beauty of the romance. Ms Diener has successfully accomplished a riveting work of fiction while incorporating the real life historical characters and events. Not a small feat! While a few of the moments may push the believability envelope, this first time author has undoubtedly hit a home-run!

TJ Mackay