Spotlight On AdC's Ms April Ester Lopez

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Spotlight On

AdC's Calendar Girl

Ms. April 2023

Ester Lopez


Ester Lopez is a writer and publisher and lives in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, along with her husband, Jerry, and their two miniature horses. She’s been writing sci-fi and paranormal/inspirational adventure romances for over 30 years, writing on the edge of reality. Her non-fiction children's books, "The Adventures of Charlie and Ellie,", "Little Horses," and “Across The Big Ocean,” are told in a fictional way. When Ester isn’t writing, she enjoys photography, sewing, crafts, making wine, canning vegetables and gardening.

  1. Tell us about the genre(s) you write. Why did you choose to go in that direction?


I like sci-fi, adventure and romance, so I mashed them together. I did the same for paranormal. I wanted something different than all the shapeshifters, vampires, and demon stories, so I chose angels, added some adventure and romance, but they ended up being inspirational as well.


  1. Tell us about the type of characters you love to write about.


My characters come to me in different ways. I use the book, “Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes and Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes,” by Cowden, LaFever, and Viders. This book is a must have for writers. It lays out all the different qualities of these archetypes as well as their flaws. Sometimes I have one character’s basic quality and then I thumb through the book until I find my character. I don’t have a certain type, but I’ve written about stubborn people a lot and make them learn to compromise.


  1. Do you have a new book or series?


I have two series: The Vaedra Chronicles and just finished the Genesis Saga in that series. The other one is The Angle Chronicles, where I’m working on two books: “Dark Demon” and “Nephilim.”


  1. Favorite quote:


This is from “Betrayed,” book 3 in the Genesis Saga:

“You kiss like a human,” she said.

“That’s because I am human,” he responded.

“Do you have other parts like a human?” She tugged at his clothes. It dawned on him what she was asking and dropped his unicrin on the floor. Within minutes, he showed her just how human he was.


  1. If you were transported to the setting of the book you're currently reading or writing, where would you be?


My current book takes place in Miami, Florida, the place of my birth.


  1. Do you hide any “Easter eggs” secrets/truths in your books that only a few people will find?


I purposely put in what used to be conspiracy theories in my sci-fi stories, but some of them are proving true now.


  1. If you saw a doorway/portal in the middle of the forest, would you enter it?


Most likely, yes, if I was with someone.


  1. What scenes do you find hard to write and why?


Sex scenes because it makes me uncomfortable, knowing someone will read it.


  1. Will you be attending any book signings or conventions?


I attended so many last year that I hadn’t planned anything definite for this year yet, but I am going to some Anime Conventions with my granddaughter just for fun.


  1. What's something about you -- personality traits, habits, background, etc that has been useful in your writing?


I’ve had a lot of different jobs over the years: worked in retail, worked in the National Park Service in the law enforcement division as a dispatcher and ‘fee collection officer,’ taught school (I have a degree in Physical Education), I was a bartender for a short while, had a photography studio, worked as a front desk agent in hotels, and had a close encounter with a space ship when I was a Camp Fire Leader, and worked as a hostess in a restaurant/bar. I use those experiences as jobs for some of my characters.

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