List of Affaire de Coeur Authors

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Below is the Affaire de Coeur's list of authors who have had their books reviewed in the last couple of years. At the bottom of the page is a link to a list of archived reviews by authors we have also reviewed in the past.

A – D


Pamela Ackerson

Kate Angell

Pam Binder

Rachel Brimble 

Deborah Camp

Barbara Dan

Kate Douglas




E – M


Nia Farrell

Joanne Fisher

Kathryn Hills

Charlene Keel

Eve Langlais

Ester Lopez

Amanda Lee

Kat Martin

Margaret Newmeli




N – Z


Debra Parmley

 Jennifer Probst 

Teri Riggs

Dawn Ryder

K E Saxon

Gayle Trent

G. V. Trent

Tricia Tyler

Anna Volk

Sabrina York