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Amanda Ashley writes paranormal romances for Zebra Books and absolutely loves it. Most of her stories are about vampires because, she readily admits, she's fascinated by them. She also admits she doesn't like most vampire movies. She's just not into the blood and gore in living color on the big screen.

She also writes historical romances as Madeline Baker, many of which have been reissued on Kindle with new covers.

She's written over 80 books which have appeared on various Bestseller lists.

When Amanda's not writing, she loves reading (of course), going to movies and plays and spending time with my family. Her favorite movie hero is Thor, and her favoritie singer is Gary Allan (his mother is my best friend). She also love dark chocolate anything!

She also loves all things Star Wars, Phantom, and Beauty and the Beast! Amanda has a large collection of Star Wars memorabilia, as well as Phantom of the Opera collectibles and Beauty and the Beast. She has an adorable Pomeranian named Lady, a mischievous cat named Kitty and a tortoise who remains nameless.




Vampyres and Elves have little in common, yet for Xander and Alyana, every day is a matter of life and death. Captured and caged by an evil sorcerer, they must depend on each other for their very survival. Gradually, Alyana’s fear turns to affection, and Xander’s desire for her blood wanes as his desire to make her his in every way grows stronger.

When, at last, Xander escapes, he can’t bring himself to leave Alyana behind. Although no longer prisoners, the two of them now face another challenge when Xander learns that Alyana is Elfin royalty and feels a strong sense of loyalty to her people. When her father refuses to accept Xander, she must decide between her heart and her duty.

Coming March 25, 2024


Carrie is horrified when outlaws attack the stage coach carrying her and her father west, killing the driver, the shotgun guard, and her father. Left alone in the desert with night coming on, her future seems bleak until a stranger reluctantly comes to her rescue.

Bohannon is a gambler, a wanderer, and a half-breed wanted by the law in South Dakota for killing a white man. He has no interest in taking Carrie to Willow Tree Springs to claim the ranch her father bought, sight unseen. But he can’t bring himself to leave her behind. The trail to Willow Tree Springs is fraught with danger, but as time passes, Carrie’s fear and mistrust of the man who saved her prove unfounded. By the time they reach their destination, she’s fallen in love with Bohannon, and he with her. Together, they begin working on the badly rundown ranch, restoring the house, rebuilding the barn, planning for the future.

But their future suddenly looks grim when Bohannon is arrested and taken back to South Dakota to stand trial for murder. Against his wishes, she follows him, fearing that a guilty verdict will end her hopes for a life with the man she loves.


Kaitlyn Sherrad has come to Nevada to find one thing…a prince. Half-vampire, half-human, Kaitlyn is the beloved daughter of the Carpathian Coven’s Master, and she has been given just about everything a girl could possibly want. When she sees Zack Ravenscroft, owner of the hottest casino in Lake Tahoe, her desire for him is immediate.

Zack is intrigued with the beautiful woman who is now living near his casino, especially since he can’t read her mind as he can with humans. He craves this beautiful newcomer to his area for himself. As Kaitlyn gets to know Zack better, her desire for him grows to the point she is more than willing to take a gamble on the handsome, mysterious casino owner. Zack knows that a vampire’s love is eternal but there is a problem. A powerful enemy is out to destroy them and their eternal love.


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Drake has lived a long, tumultuous life. As he walks the crumbling castle, he wonders if it’s time to end it all. He’s lived alone on his estate for over four hundred years. Until she comes into his life, surviving a night in his lair to wake in his strong arms.

Elena Knightsbridge has come to Wolfram Castle, a place once featured in a horror movie, ignoring the warnings of it being haunted by witches, ghosts…and something more, something dangerous, something worse. Elena doesn’t believe what she’s been told, until she wakes to find him. To her, Drake is the most handsome, alluring man she’s ever met. To Drake, Elena is the most compelling woman he’s held for many long, lonely years. By the time Elena realizes just what Drake is, it’s too late. She is his willing captive and has taken his heart in captivity herself, willingly taken for herself the Vampire’s Kiss.

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When a stranger rides onto the ranch looking for work, Kathleen Taggart has to agree with her father—he looks like trouble. Still, there is something about the man that intrigues her even as her father warns her to stay away from him.

Zane Two Shadows is a drifter, a bounty hunter, and a half-breed wanted for murder. He’s not looking for anything more than a chance to earn a few dollars before he moves on.

In spite of her father’s certainty that the stranger is trouble, Zane is just the kind of man Tobias Taggart is looking for—a man who’s handy with a gun and not afraid to use it.

Circumstances and fate throw Kathleen and Zane together, proving that her father was right—Zane was definitely trouble. But not the kind her father warned her about.

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Twilight Destiny

Amanda Ashley

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency 



4.5 stars


Rosa Ravenwood traveled to Morgan Creek to visit with Rylan Saintcrow in hopes that he would introduce her to a vampire who would turn her if she decided that’s what she wanted. She knew several, including family, who were vampires and she wanted to be one as well.

Deciding it would be best and safer if he accompanied Rosa on her search, he agreed to help her.

Waiting on Rylan, she spent the day exploring the town which had once been a haven for vampires. Later that evening, she and Rylan went searching for vampires who may be interested in turning her.

And she was introduced to Jake Kincaid and her life changed drastically…

Amanda Ashley has given us an engrossing story that takes the reader on a fantastic journey. Highly recommend!

Elena B

Book 4 in the Morgan Creek Series.

Rosa Ravenwood wants to be a vampire. One of her brothers and her sister are both vampires. Why don’t they want her to be one, too? Determined to find a vampire who will turn her, she goes to Morgan Creek to see Rylan Saintcrow, an old family friend. To her surprise, Saintcrow refuses to turn her, but he introduces her to insanely handsome Jason Kincaid.

Jason is another powerful vampire, but one who is seriously lacking in self-control. The harder he falls for Rosa, the harder it is for him to resist the siren call of her blood. Rosa is falling for Jason, too, but can she trust him to leave the final decision about becoming a vampire to her, or will he steal her life in a fit of uncontrolled passion?

Soon, Rosa has bigger problems. Caught in a war between Jason and an evil necromancer, what started out as a lark quickly turns lethal. Rosa is drawn deeper and deeper into a battle not only for her own life, but for that of the vampire she loves.

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Liliana Falconer is hoping to find some excitement when she goes to stay with her great-grandmother Ava in New Orleans. The only daughter of a powerful Hungarian vampire and a witch, Lily has been sheltered and protected her whole life.

While strolling along Bourbon Street, Lily is drawn into a nightclub by the lyrical strains of a guitar. Something mystical and frightening happens when her gaze locks with that of the man strumming the instrument and she quickly leaves the club.
But avoiding Raedan is not in the cards and Lily soon finds herself falling in love with a man who is not only a vampire, but a vampire possessed by a blood-demon that constantly urges Raedan to take not only Lily’s blood, but her life as well.

As their love grows stronger, they realize the only way they can be together is to destroy the blood-demon, a task that sends them to the Carpathian Mountains in search of a dragon.

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