Welcome to Linda Zern's Page

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Welcome to Linda Zern's Page


Award-winning author, Linda Zern lives, works, and dreams in Central Florida.

“Humor speaks to the intellect and literature speaks to the heart, so said one of my writing professors. I try to write both.”

Born and raised in Florida on sunshine and bug spray, she read every cereal box she could find and every book she could get her hands on, and when other people's books ran out, she started writing my own:

Linda began with children's chapter books (MOONCALF, a finalist for the Space Coast Writers' Guild DON ARGO AWARD) to inspirational books (THE LONG-PROMISED SONG) and to a young adult survival, dystopian trilogy (BEYOND THE STRANDLINE BOOK I, FOLLOWING THE STRANDLINE BOOK II, and KEEPING THE STRANDLINE BOOK III) to her latest and first rural contemporary fantasy (THE GRYPHON'S GLADE, winner of the 2018 DON ARGO AWARD, Excellence in Florida Based Literature).



Beyond the Strandline is a thrilling story about the struggle to stay human in an inhumane world, the importance of emergency preparedness, the illusion of safety, and the power of love to redeem even the most desperate.

Seventeen-year-old Tessla and her teenage sisters, Ally and ZeeZee, live by one rule: don’t venture beyond the perimeter of the family ranch. Years ago, solar flares burned the power grid to ashes, plunging the country into mayhem and instability, but as long as the girls stay behind the line of their grandfather’s property, they remain protected from savagery.

But when the call of the unknown proves too alluring for rebellious Ally to resist, Tessla must enlist mysterious Richmond Parrish to help rescue Ally from the trouble she’s walked into.

The Florida coast is overrun with warring tribes and pirates, and orphaned children-turned-soldiers roam the land.

The quest to find Ally leads Tess and Richmond into the epicenter of this barbaric new world, but even if they find her, now that they’ve left the safety of life at the S-Line Ranch, will they really be able to go back?

This is the first book in The Strandline Series.

Grab your copy today.



Cum Gryphae Equis Iungunt: When pigs fly, that’s what Reed Baye Hunter’s family motto means. When gryphons mate with horses, it’s another way of saying “impossible, fantastic love.”

People say that URBAN LEGENDS grow out of a kernel of truth, some small seed of fantastic reality . . .

Reed Baye Hunter comes home from one bloody war, only to discover a more horrific conflict in her own backyard. Ari Ben Warrick, her darkly mysterious neighbor, has answers. Reed needs answers: how is she going to find her missing horse; who is killing her livestock; and what is behind the legend of the ghost lights of 'Taintsville, Florida?
The dark water that slips through the cypress knees of Reed's childhood home bear silent witness to the secrets and myths and nightmares found in the Gryphon's Glade. 

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Heart-bound: The Pocket Fairies' way of saying being connected to others by love . . .

Waiting for their wings to grow in their traffic light above Middle Street, Gennis, Paunch, and Jolly think themselves tight-fast from the dangers of the wide-big world below. When a great storm from the land of the black-white stripelys (a pocket fairy's way of saying zebras) threaten their home the three fairy nestlings go in search of their missing parents. But do they have the bravely courage to face the world outside their sky-nest?

Grab your copy today.







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