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With more than 7 million copies of her books in print, USA Today bestseller Lucy Monroe has published more than 70 books and had her stories translated for sale in dozens of countries. While she writes several subgenres of romance (paranormal, historical, single title and short contemporary) for multiple publishers, all of her books are sexy, emotional and show that love will conquer all. She's a passionate devotee of romance and shares her love for the genre with her readers through her books and a policy of open communication.






Sicilian business tycoon Carlo Messina is used to getting his way, so when his supposedly biddable fiancée leaves him standing at the altar he's shocked...and furious.

Annette has spent her entire life trying to be worthy of her family's love, but she's never measured up. Her parents and two perfect sisters make up their own little family and she has no place in it, unless it's as a modern day Cinderella. When she realizes her gorgeous billionaire fiancé expects her to change to fit his idea of family too, she does the only thing she can. She runs.

It's five years later and Carlo and Annette are living in the same house in charge of their niece while their siblings recover from a terrible accident. The desire between these two passionate people has only grown during their time apart and inevitably, it explodes. Results? An unexpected pregnancy.

For Carlo there's only one solution: the wedding that never took place. Can a marriage of convenience lead to the love Annette craves and her Sicilian billionaire doesn't know he needs?

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The last thing she wants is to join the royal family, but the sizzling tension between Blythe and Prince Tor of Tapt Oyer is about to explode and all her good intentions with it.

Blythe and Tor are friends, but the sexual tension has always simmered between them, just under the surface. Only he’s the younger brother (in law) of her best friend and a prince, to boot. So why can’t she stop fantasizing about the hunky royal?

Prince Tor isn’t like the rest of his family. He’s spending his military service in combat for one. A law unto himself, he doesn’t follow the usual rules and has no desire to give into his father’s pressure to marry and settle down with a suitable woman.

Tor wants Blythe and he’s not letting her hide behind the age difference, or his status as a royal. Once the passion detonates between them, is there any hope they can build something lasting despite how different their worlds are?

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In this enchanting royal romance by USA TODAY bestselling author Lucy Monroe, what starts as a no-strings arrangement becomes extremely complicated…

The only man to tempt her?
A prince!

Jenna Beals put love to one side and worked hard to achieve her dream career as a fashion journalist. So when she’s catapulted into an incendiary fling with gorgeous Prince Dimitri, she knows it has an expiration date—she’s not looking for a crown!

Dimitri’s mission to discover who’s leaking palace secrets led him to Jenna, but their passion-filled tryst reveals someone who sees him for more than his royal title. As their connection deepens, could the truth cost him the only woman who could truly be his?

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The prince is in for a shocking revelation.

The mother of his child…and wearing his crown?

Prince Konstantin can’t forget Emma Carmichael, who vanished after a wedding contract forced him to end their relationship. A surprise meeting five years later shocks Konstantin—Emma has a son. Unmistakably his son.

Emma wants Konstantin in their son’s life—yet she’s wary. She’d had no choice but to walk away; his family hadn’t deemed her worthy of being his princess. But as their reunion stokes the flames of their passion, can she trust that this time their bond is strong enough to prove them all wrong?

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They say that duty and desire don’t mix…and they’re about to collide spectacularly in this royal romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Lucy Monroe.

Fifty dates to decide…
If she will wear his crown!

As a naive teenager, Lady Nataliya signed a contract promising her to a prince. Now, to release them both, she causes a scandal by going on fifty dates for a magazine. It works… Until her betrothed’s brother, widowed King Nikolai, insists she honor the marriage agreement—with him!

Her first duty? Finishing those dates with Nikolai. Their whirlwind courtship may be thrilling, but no matter how irresistible Nikolai is, Nataliya can’t forget she was never his first choice of queen. His wounded heart will always be off-limits…

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Can this Greek marriage go the distance? Find out in this passionate and dramatic romance by USA TODAY bestselling author Lucy Monroe!

First came passion, then came vows…

What comes after “I do”?

Greek tycoon Andros Kristalakis knew that his white-hot whirlwind romance with Polly could end only one way—with her wearing his ring! He offered her his world of unbelievable luxury while he ruled his family’s business empire. But that was all he could give.

Now pregnant Polly has revealed that for the past five years she’s secretly craved more! With his marriage on the line, Andros must choose—because closing the distance between himself and Polly will mean destroying the protective barriers he’s long fought to keep intact…

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.


After the Billionaire’s Wedding Vows

Kindle Edition



“Why don’t you call me Andros anymore?”

“Andros was the man I fell in love with.”

“And who is Alexandros?”

“The man I married.”


Pollyanna fell in love and married Greek billionaire Alexandros Kristalakis.  Little did she know that loving Alexandros would come with a price…one that will leave her feeling out of place and always coming in second to his family and his business.  Five years after saying “I do”, Polly has accepted her lot in life, and clings to the early memories of their romance.  Her beloved Andros is no more, and in his place is the powerful head of the Kristalakis Family.  How can she possibly compete?

Alexandros Kristalakis loves his wife more than anything, so when he overhears an offhanded comment about him not considering Polly’s feelings, he is struck with the truth that perhaps he has taken his beautiful bride for granted.  Carefully, he begins observing how his manipulative mother treats his bride as well as how his sister is constantly criticizing her.  Alexandros begins to realize that he’s allowed Polly to feel less than what she is…his beloved wife and mother of his children.  Alexandros is now on a mission to reclaim his love and show Polly that she will always come first in his life…but is it too little too late?

Billionaire troupes are not usually my genre of choice, but there is just something about this story.  Set aside the powerful tycoon and money and get to the heart of the plot…two lovers that took vows to love and cherish each other regardless, and like a lot of relationships, over time, a pattern emerges of going through the motions of how “happy” couples are supposed to behave.  The author reminds us that after the wedding vows are said, it takes work and an open and honest dialogue on behalf of both sides to keep the romance alive.  After the Billionaire’s Wedding Vows is thought provoking and well written, would recommend!

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Two people leery of love agree to marry for every reason but, only to discover a red hot passion and maybe something more.

Eliza lost her family as a young child and has been raised as the beloved daughter to the eldest son of the Maharajah with the expectation that she will marry his nephew and heir. Only tragedy strikes again in her life and she loses her best friend while the Maharajah loses his heir.

Rajvinder has never been acknowledged by his royal family in India, but now they need an heir and even an illegitimate one will do. He's offered the chance to take his rightful place in the family. The only stipulation is, he has to marry Eliza, the woman raised to be princess in the palace that should have been his home.

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Still in love with her ex-husband, she agrees to a second marriage of convenience!

Chloe agreed to a marriage of convenience with a young businessman named Ariston in order to save her father’s company five years ago. But it wasn’t long before she’d fallen completely in love with him. She was supposed to get pregnant within three years of their marriage, but when that didn’t happen, they got divorced. With her family business once again in trouble, she pays her ex-husband a visit, hoping he can save it. Ariston is as charming as she remembers. Then he gives her a surprising proposition after hearing her plea. “I need you to have my baby.”

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