Nia Farrell Book Reviews

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The Dark Side (Replay Book 8)

Nia Farrell

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Ashley Slade was a young, beautiful movie star with her first failed movie under her belt. It wouldn’t have been too bad, except she and her now ex‑boyfriend had financially backed the movie. He had another project in the works so wasn’t feeling the financial pinch too badly, but, Ashley? She was broke. So, when a new project came along that required research into the seedier side of life, she knew exactly where she could go--the BDSM resort where they had spent two weeks filming scenes for part of her movie. They had only used the SCC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) side for those scenes, but for this research, she needed to go the RACK (Risk Award Consensual Kink) side. She couldn’t wait.

Master Sorin was the Dominant assigned to escort Ashley in her research. He was tall, good‑looking and an experienced Dom who specialized in vampire fantasies. In his vanilla life, he was a well‑known neurosurgeon who had just as much need for anonymity as Ashley, but was more than capable of leading her into the life of a submissive. But the question was, how far was she willing to go in the name of research?

Nia Farrell's eighth book in the "Replay” series is definitely intriguing. Replay is the name of a BDSM‑themed resort island with two sides--one side rather tame and mild; the other darker and heavier. Each previous book deals with various aspects of the resort and its occupants with lots of characters involved. But due to the skilled writing of Ms. Farrell, a first‑time reader like myself will not feel lost. However, for being on the wild side of the island, the actual BDSM scenes were definitely mild and almost vanilla. I was a little disappointed that the sex scenes were not steamier, but for a novella, it was very well done and I definitely will be reading the first seven of this series.

Lani Roberts