Nia Farrell

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Author Nia Farrell is a four-times Golden Flogger Finalist, a founding member of the Wicked Pens, and a multi-genre author who is published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children's books, with one documentary screenplay under her literary belt. She had nine nominations in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards; her BDSM MMF ménage erotic historical As Wicked as You Want was voted #1 Erotica and #10 overall in The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016, and Pride and Punishment was voted Best Historical Romance in the 2017 Menages Romance Readers Favorites.


When grad student Morgan Leviss chose sexual surrogacy for her thesis, she never expected to become one. Now she’s tasked with turning two reclusive men into social creatures. Zac Blackstone and Aiden Goldman are nothing like what she expects. Handsome and charming, they’re a puzzle she finds intriguing.

Zac and Aiden have known each other for over two hundred years. Part of a cadre of shifters, they’re on a mission to mate and procreate. Powerful warriors for centuries, they lack the social skills and sexual experience needed to attract a partner. When a beautiful redhead comes into their life to teach them, they discover new hope.

Bound by secrecy, the men can’t tell her who they really are. What they are. Increasingly drawn to Morgan, they begin to recognize her as their fated female. Convincing her that she’s theirs may be as hard as keeping her alive when danger appears from the shadows.

Morgan is the first in the Guarded Hearts Series of standalone Erotic Paranormal Romance Ménage deftly penned as subtle Romantic Comedy with a heat level that’s off the charts. Written for Ages 18+.

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Morgan (Guarded Hearts Book 1)

Claire Marta & Nia Farrell

True Lies Publishing







"Together, they would create the next best hope for the human race and earn redemption for theirs.”

Grad student Morgan Leviss has chosen sexual surrogacy as her thesis, and little does she know, she’s about to begin her studies literally “hands on” with not one, but two, socially awkward men who desperately need help learning how to interact with women.  Morgan is tasked with teaching them social cues on if a woman is interested and how to enjoy sex and please their partner.  Each teaching session becomes more and more intimate, and Morgan begins to wonder if the teacher is becoming the student…

Centuries old and harboring a secret of their true identities, Zac and Aiden are searching for their fated mate; one that will be theirs for all time and grant them their best chance at earning redemption.  After meeting Morgan, Zac and Aiden are confident they have found their one true fated mate.  But when Morgan becomes marked by a vampire, Zac and Aiden bring forth all their powers to protect their beloved from the undead…and pray they do not lose her trust in the process.

Morgan and her men have formed a bond that may very well save all of human kind…or at least give them hope for a loving future of forever and always…after all, “If you can laugh together, you can get through anything, no matter how hard or challenging life is.”

This paranormal erotica ménage story was a fun, Kindle melting smexxy read, as well as a good beginning to what promises to be an ongoing series.  While I found the sexual surrogacy between the threesome a wee bit far-fetched, I reminded myself that this is a work of fiction, and seriously, who could pass up the chance to “play doctor” with two smexxy men described as “Loki & Thor”?  Not me!  Would recommend to fans of this genre!

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A Taste of Submission (BDSM Anthology) by C.P. Mandara, Felicity Brandon, Golden Angel, Kallypso Masters, Lilah E. Noir, Linzi Basset, Nia Farrell, Normandie Alleman, Pandora Spocks, Ree L. Diehl, Renee Rose, and Skye Callahan

Welcome to the lands of whips, chains, and ecstasy…and the first night is free. A Taste of Submission is a collection of first-in-series books from twelve of the hottest BDSM authors around.  There’s domination, submission, pleasure, and punishment in every offering.  Get a taste of each of their worlds and see if you’d like to stay awhile.

If you’re a fan of hot Doms and sexy subs, whether you like your BDSM dark or light, or you’re a fan of contemporary or sci-fi, there’s something here for everyone. And if you enjoy what you read, you can find the rest of the series at your favorite online bookseller.


A Taste of Submission introduces you to a dozen hot BDSM series by twelve amazing authors.  USA Today and international bestsellers, Golden Flogger Award Nominees and Winners, and Amazon Bestsellers all giving you a taste of their best work. Best of all, it’s FREE, but it’s only available this summer!

A Taste of Submission comes out June 11, and you will be able to download it FREE everywhere you buy eBooks. But it goes away August 31, so get your copy as soon as you can.

So you have to ask yourself…

Is it HOT enough for you?

A Taste of Submission includes Replay Set 1: Viking Raid, Triple Play, and Honour Bound by Nia Farrell. For teasers and uncensored excerpts, visit Nia’s website and read more.

Viking Raid

Triple Play

Honour Bound

Reviewer on the series: “A truly amazing series of books.  Nia has the ability to make you believe you are there within the story due to her fantastic attention to detail.”

VIKING RAID: Gunnar Falk portrays a Viking leader at Replay, a BDSM theme resort where patrons role play in the past. He’s the Dom everyone wants but no one has had…until the resort’s musical director Breanna Campbell makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Gunnar isn’t looking for a permanent sub, but he’ll take what Breanna is offering—only because he can’t stand the thought of another Dom claiming the beautiful blonde harpist. Her music enchants him. Her innocence beckons him. She’s agreed to give him everything, but will one night be enough?

TRIPLE PLAY  Rowena Campbell has always been the naughty twin.  After the Viking Raid and her worst walk of shame ever, she recognized that she was misusing sex.  In therapy for her sexual addiction, three months celibate, Rowena is better than fine, with a successful erotic blog and book deal by her alter ego, ginger-wigged Regina Wright.  When Scottish billionaire Micheil MacDonald wants Regina at his brother’s birthday party, she agrees to attend three scenes as an observer only.  A triple play in Imperial Rome, Prohibition Chicago, and Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, no kink, no sex – and no lies, per his terms, with half a million dollars riding on the line.  Surely she can manage that?

Micheil MacDonald is a widower with a child recovering from the fatal accident that claimed his wife.  He sweeps into Rowena’s life like a force of nature, brushing aside her protests, determined to be the exception to her rules.  But Rowena has scars that no one can see.  Secrets that have never been shared – not even with her twin.  Telling the truth was never supposed to be this hard.

HONOUR BOUND  Replay owner Piers St. Leger isn’t looking for a sub when psychologist Eleanor Benoit comes into his office, beautiful, curious, eager and willing to learn.  Suddenly all he can think of is what he can show her.  What he can teach her.  What they can do together.  What they can be.

Intrigued by the psychology of BDSM, Elly has agreed to attend a scene at Replay as an observer, portraying the White Queen in Wonderland, with Sir Piers as the White King.  He’s incredibly handsome, dangerously charismatic, and a master of kinbaku, erotic Japanese rope bondage.  Can this vetted psychologist remain an observer, or will she yield to temptation and play?

“It's BDSM, rope play, a Dom and a sub and all kinds of sexy!!”

“Piers and Eleanor, what a love story.  I loved this story of a damaged lady and the dominant Piers that helped her to heal and give into love and submission…Nia Farrell is a fantastic writer.  I’m a lifetime fan.”

Make Replay your new fantasy vacation destination...

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Prolific Works




The Dark Side (Replay Book 8)

Nia Farrell

Amazon Digital




Ashley Slade was a young, beautiful movie star with her first failed movie under her belt. It wouldn’t have been too bad, except she and her now ex‑boyfriend had financially backed the movie. He had another project in the works so wasn’t feeling the financial pinch too badly, but, Ashley? She was broke. So, when a new project came along that required research into the seedier side of life, she knew exactly where she could go--the BDSM resort where they had spent two weeks filming scenes for part of her movie. They had only used the SCC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) side for those scenes, but for this research, she needed to go the RACK (Risk Award Consensual Kink) side. She couldn’t wait.

Master Sorin was the Dominant assigned to escort Ashley in her research. He was tall, good‑looking and an experienced Dom who specialized in vampire fantasies. In his vanilla life, he was a well‑known neurosurgeon who had just as much need for anonymity as Ashley, but was more than capable of leading her into the life of a submissive. But the question was, how far was she willing to go in the name of research?

Nia Farrell's eighth book in the "Replay” series is definitely intriguing. Replay is the name of a BDSM‑themed resort island with two sides--one side rather tame and mild; the other darker and heavier. Each previous book deals with various aspects of the resort and its occupants with lots of characters involved. But due to the skilled writing of Ms. Farrell, a first‑time reader like myself will not feel lost. However, for being on the wild side of the island, the actual BDSM scenes were definitely mild and almost vanilla. I was a little disappointed that the sex scenes were not steamier, but for a novella, it was very well done and I definitely will be reading the first seven of this series.

Lani Roberts