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International Bestselling author, Tamara K. Lawyer, who writes under the pseudonym TK Lawyer was born in Colon, Panama.  She moved to the United States with her family to pursue her post- secondary education aspirations and found her love of writing sometime in 2013.  Her first book, Nightfall was published shortly afterward, in October 2014.

She writes sexy and heartwarming paranormal, urban fantasy  and contemporary romance.  Her books often toe the line, straying from traditional ideas and opening readers’ minds and hearts to unlimited possibilities.

When she isn’t reading or writing, she is likely spending time with her husband/best friend or catering to their lovable American Foxhound misfit who steals all the attention in their house.




Tech nerd turned genius; Carter’s popular dating app gives him everything he wants except the one thing that eludes him. True love.
The bookworm from high school, Nya, sees him for who he really is. Yet, they are only best friends, with a little something extra.
Will Carter realize the one key ingredient missing from his life is already there, in the second bedroom? Or, will he continue casually dating, never giving them a chance? 

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Will Josiah let you pass, or will you drop into an unknown abyss?

As an usher to the Other Side, meeting the fabled Josiah means your Mortal Life is gone.

Your fate shall be measured by the decisions made in life.
Will your soul pass through the gates to utter bliss or plummet into darkness, agony, and pain?

Judgment is made by him, and it is final.

When Josiah meets Damaris- a woman who was not yet expected to appear –his decision becomes one he may later regret.

Still, he must know her.

Will Damaris allow Josiah to love her? To care for her in a way no human can, or will she turn her back on what may be her greatest opportunity to find happiness in the arms of an angel?

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A relationship was the one thing Tamara didn’t want.

Burned by men, Tamara was done with dating. But someone keeps popping up from her past with reminders of what could’ve been. She faintly recalls Josh, a handsome man she didn’t dare take a chance with, but the past is the past. She shut the door on that option long ago…or did she?

4th Edition, now Independently published by the author

Josh’s nightly runs end at a home he is unfamiliar with. The tantalizing scent inside calls to him, beckons him to explore and urges him to stay. So when the owner takes him in and he realizes she’s his mate, Josh is lost as to what to do. He can’t stay in the crazy situation and he no longer wants to remain her pet. He needs Tamara, now, in his bed, permanently but he has become her new pet, Nightfall.

Josh will stop at nothing to convince Tamara he is the one for her. But will she succumb to his charm and open her battered heart to a new, promising future- with him? Or will she walk away from the wolf who wants to love her, forever?

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